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About LITE

LITE is dedicated to assisting incarcerated individuals in making a successful transition back into their community. We believe this process begins at intake and must address each of the inmate’s needs. We provide educational, vocational, spiritual, and relational support and training. Additionally we offer an assessment for each inmate to help identify goals and needs before their release. 

We work inside the jail and maintain an office presence there. But the bulk of our work originates out of the Milford Methodist Meeting House in Milford, IN and from the homes and offices of our many volunteers.

LITE is sustained by its volunteers as it has no paid staff. From time to time a grant may necessitate compensating a group leader, but generally the people you encounter are volunteering their time. And though LITE was inspired by the faith of its founders, it is open to inmates of all faiths and beliefs.

We are a 501c3 nonprofit, so your donation is tax deductible

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