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This was our first initiative and one of the things we’re most proud of, so…

  • When we approached Sheriff Dukes about providing assistance in the jail we kept hearing that people wanted books. The library had been neglected and used primarily as a “timeout” area. There were virtually no books in it. Within short order Tammy was able to collect, find, buy, and catalog more than 4,000 and counting! Lee Brothers Paint Store donated paint and the JCAP participants painted the room. The Cottons bought shelves and a cart and now each block gets a visit from the library cart at least weekly, special requests are filled, and donations are constantly accepted and put into circulation.

  • Here are some of our most requested titles. Most are used in rotating classes or as part of one of our ongoing educational and growth efforts. (COMING SOON A LINK TO OUR MOST POPOULAR BOOKS)

  • Your donations are always welcome but please make sure the covers are soft or paperback - no hardcover books please.

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