Inside the Kosciusko County Jail: LITE works with the jail officials to offer a variety of programs, classes, and resources to equip and transform inmates for success as they reenter their community.

Outside the jail for those formerly incarcerated: Many people are released from jail with nothing but the clothes they were wearing when they were arrested. LITE will work with our clients to develop and reach their goals as they make a successful transition by building relationships and giving them hope and a future.

Support Groups for families and loved ones of the incarcerated: LITE provides and connects people to resources, support, mentors, and information they need to better help their loved ones make a successful transition.


Collaboration with other groups: In this community we are blessed with many resources, but it can be overwhelming to sort out the focus of each and often there is overlap. Our goal is to streamline what each does and offers and reduce the overlap and competition for resources. We are working to build collaborative efforts for success.